The Accolade Competition

The Accolade Competition
DTA won for "Best internet streaming" and "best original screenplay".


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Accolade Competition

We're happy to report that Delayed Teen Angst won two awards of merit from The Accolade Competition! It received an award in the "internet streaming" category and "best screenplay".

With so many series on the web right now it's wonderful to receive an award which is a nice acknowledgment of our existence. ;)

Nice work to the cast and crew!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A nice review

We received a very nice review recently that I wanted to share:

More very exciting news coming up in a bit!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Things we have learned on our web journey

So, we haven't posted in a while...

You'll have to forgive us, we've been a little wrapped up with our other project The Grover Complex. Since both were completed so close together it's like a battle of attention from your children.

As we're attempting to throw some networking into our blogging we wanted to throw out some points we have learned from this journey. A lot of people already know these things... but repetition is a key to learning, yes? ;)

Here we go:
  • Put your web-series videos online under the web-series name for your USERNAME, they show up much better in searches this way. Delayed Teen Angst is not under Delayed Teen Angst on Youtube and Vimeo. Searching on Vimeo for "Delayed Teen Angst" doesn't even yield our web-series half of the time. Mistake. The videos for our indie movie, The Grover Complex are all under "The Grover Complex" on every video site. They immediately pop up in searches on the video site and more easily on line. What we've learned: People care about the web-series, not who does the series.
  • Tubemogul is a fabulous site. For those not using Tubemogul check it out. It gives you one place to monitor your uploaded videos from. Their customer service is also extremely helpful, I was contacted back within 24 hours with answers to a question I had. While our views are a little low on any one place, combined we have over 2,000 for a pretty un-promoted series in about two months.
  • Tubefilter - sign up for their mailing list for their great articles. They also have lectures and events. They post the names and web-series sites on their guest list when you attend their event so you can network ahead of time.
  • Blogging. We've stepped up our blog-networking on our other blog for The Grover Complex and have noticed an increase in our numbers for our trailers. We're definitely going to give this a shot with DTA now.
  • There are some other web-series who are approachable. I read the blog of Emerson Wild: Monster Hunter, where they referenced an article in Tubefilter about how there shouldn't be the same sort of competition with web-series and that basically we should be helping each other. While they're one of the few friendly series we've run into (David Nett from GOLD was very nice too) we sadly have not found this willingness to give shout outs to other series. Hell, we're reluctant to do that. :) But hopefully this can change and if more people adopt the same attitude EW:MH has then the web can be a more friendly place.
Anyway, we hope to update more often on this site with recaps of episodes, interesting articles, web-series and Delayed Teen Angst news!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Delayed Teen Angst episode 1

"It's a boxing game".

The first episode of a web-series dealing with Tony Montana, sea horses, video games, and the timeless obsession of your best friend's older sister.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Delayed Teen Angst

Our Youtube counter is once again working! Check out the entire series of Delayed Teen Angst on Youtube!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amy Vorpahl as Evie

Amy Vorpahl (Evie) is a ripe and ready actress released from the throes of Texas heat to frolic and skedaddle about the west coast, immersing herself in such vices as improvisational comedy OOO!, commercial acting YIKES!, and short webisodes such as this current little gem BRAVO! Amy performs comedy around LA. You can find a smattering of her other projects on imdb. She played with the same cast/production team in The Grover Complex, and is proud to make her webisode debut with DTA. Check out more of Amy's stuff at Amy also has her own web series, Chaotic Good Online!

Fernando Noor as Damian

Fernando Noor (Damian) is an actor, writer, producer and voice over artist originally from Tijuana, Mexico. Fernando starred as Rufus in the student thesis feature JEFFERSON directed by Karen Bullis and written by Claire L. Wasmund. Fernando also wrote and stars in THE GROVER COMPLEX produced by Claire L. Wasmund, directed by Karen Bullis, and featuring Tristan Scott and Amy Vorpahl. He’s recently done voice over work for McDonalds and Ugly Betty. You can find Fernando’s voice over work here at